Most Popular Jumping Saddles

NSC offers both Jump and Dressage saddles and as the exlcusive rep for the Ontario‐Quebec region, I can assist you to choose the best saddle for you and your horse.
I am cent􏰂ally located near Waterloo to cover the Ontario horse region. Reg􏰆lar scheduled t􏰂ips to Quebec let me assist the riders and horses in that region.
NSC Saddles are qualit􏰇 made 􏰈om english calf leather or top g􏰂ain buffalo hide and are f􏰆ully adjustable to be custom fit to your horse.

  • Americana GP:

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  • Fleur de Lys:

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  • Monte Carlo Single Flap:

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  • Monte Carlo Mono Flap:

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